What does this title mean?

4The first thing that comes to mind when I read this title is the original game that was released on PC and Xbox 360.It was called F4 and was a first person action game with an emphasis on survival.However, in a strange way it is a title that will be familiar to many of you.F4 was a title for a […]

Which Japanese game will make you cry?

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a review of a new game from the studio that has been in development for a while now.It’s the latest entry in a long-running series of games by the team at Bionic Commando.That game was recently released for PC and Mac.Here’s what the magazine has to say about the game:We’re excited to announce […]

The truth about China’s game industry

China’s government has banned the production of games for mobile phones, social media sites and video-game consoles as part of a crackdown on “game-playing culture”.Key points:In a major blow to the Chinese economy, the ban is expected to boost sales of games like Angry Birds and Angry Birds Mobile Angry Birds Angry Birds: China’s ban on game production will affect […]

Why can’t I play the QQ card game online?

I got the opportunity to play a game of QQ Online last week on the PC, so I decided to try it out.For this, I used the Steam version of QI.The card game is a simple and fun way to play, with different decks and different strategies to be able to build your own unique deck.You’ll need to make a […]

Watch out for a ‘carnival barker’ on the move, says Queensland police

A carnival barkers has hit the road in a bid to keep Queenslanders safe.The carnival enthusiasts were seen racing through the bush at night on Monday and were also spotted roaming in the CBD.Police say the group is believed to be travelling in a caravan and that they have left behind a number of bags with them.They are also believed […]

What’s in the game? Here are the secrets of the best games

I started a game with my friend, and he liked it, so we bought it.But it didn’t last long.In a couple of months we’d spent over $500 on it, and the next year, it’d dropped in price again.The next year we bought another.We’ve bought thousands more games, and as long as I’m able to spend money on the games I […]

China’s qq game center app game center to be a QQ app game centre to be available in China soon

China is now getting ready to launch its first game center application, qq.The Chinese capital city of Beijing is the latest Chinese city to get on board the mobile gaming bandwagon, with the first application launching today.The Beijing app, called QQ, allows users to rent virtual cars for around 20 yuan per day, with a range of other cars available […]

The World’s Biggest Game Developers’ Conference – QQ game

The World Games is a four-day conference in Beijing hosted by Chinese developers.Its first edition was held in 2013.The first edition of the event was attended by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Alibaba chief executive Li Ruigang, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Microsoft VP Kevin Turner.The second edition of The WorldGames was held […]

#QQGameLoop: How do I loop over a game?

This game is fun, but if you want to play it again, it’s going to be a lot more challenging.The game requires a controller, which requires a PC.It’s not as simple as turning on a mouse and keyboard.And you’re going to have to make a lot of compromises, too.Here are a few things you need to know: First, a game […]

What do you want to play when you’re bored? It depends, says QQ app game

GAME.The qq game, a game based on the popular iPhone app, is one of the hottest new trends in the app world, with millions of people playing it in app stores around the world every week.But the QQ game has never really had a chance to catch on in Australia.The QQ games market has remained relatively stagnant for years, but […]

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